[Event Preview] “Come, All You Grooms-to-Be! Till Death do us Party” (5/12~ JST)

【最新更新】 2023/05/12 (Fri) 10:35

To all of our adventurers!
We are so grateful of your constant support and patronage of Anothereidos R!

A Limited-Time Event Entitled, “Come, All You Grooms-to-Be! Till Death do us Party,” will be Available Starting 5/12 (JST)!

An unexpected marriage boom takes over the volcanic island that had just restored peace!

Lucifer, the Shadow King of Indignation, impassionately asks for Atmos’ hand in marriage!?
With this shocking turn of events, Surtsey is abuzz in preparation for the wedding!
Following the longest-standing couple in the world, adventurer couples from all over El Dorado flood to the island!
Could this be a great opportunity to get to know someone……?
The world’s most spectacular wedding story begins!

In this event, you will be collecting “Amorous Pillows” upon clearing its stages, which you can then trade for various items.

Note: You will have until 6/23/2023 (JST) to obtain any “Amorous Pillow” and until 6/30/2023 (JST) to exchange them for rewards. 


New Characters will be Released as Playable Units for This Event!

【I Will Find My Happiness】Yuno, 【Master Wedding Planner】Folker will be available for a limited time only.


A Bachelor’s Invitation Set will be available for purchase for a limited time only!

“Bachelor’s Invitation Set A” will be available for purchase! By using “Bachelor’s Invitation Ticket A,” you are guaranteed to encounter one of the following:【I Will Find My Happiness】Yuno, 【Master Wedding Planner】Folker, Maxtla!


Bachelor’s Invitation Set A (¥6,780) will be available for sale until 6/23/2023 and may be purchased only once.
Bachelor’s Invitation Ticket A ×1
Dragon Vein Stones: ×130
Extra-Rich Staminade: x10
Skip Tickets: ×30
Battle Record Ⅳ: x200
Dracos: ×500,000