[Pick-Up Preview] : “Happy New Year! Ring in 2023 with Trouble! ” Event: “Train Me Hard This Year!” PU

【最新更新】 2023/01/19 (Thu) 11:32

To all of our adventurers!
We are so grateful of your constant support and patronage of Anothereidos R!

A Pick-Up Scouting Event Featuring Characters Debuting in the Event Entitled “Happy New Year! Ring in 2023 with Trouble! ” will be Available!

The following event-only characters will be released as playable units: “【The Yamato King Over Wind & Thunder】 Jinnosuke” and “【All Ears Informant】 Baccarat“! We hope you look forward to them!

You can also scout ninjas with an “Adventurer Recruitment Flyer” after the next update!?