[Pick-Up Preview] Show True Love for Beasts Crazed by Lust! Chapter 3 “Investigate the Endless Mating Season!” Pick-Up

【最新更新】 2022/08/18 (Thu) 17:24

To all of our adventurers!
We are so grateful of your constant support and patronage of Anothereidos R!

Starting 8/19/2022 (JST), Chapter 3 of the Main Story, Entitled “Alpha & Omega,” Releases!

In the deep forests of the expansive Tribal Lands of Verdancia, a strange situation is unfolding in which people xxx 5 seconds after having met!? You, the protagonist, and the gang push your way through the dense forests with new friends to investigate the mysterious endless mating season going on there! Will you be able to awaken the locals of the forest who have been enslaved to lost through the power of true love……???

New characters are also planned to be released as playable units in conjunction with the release of this new chapter to the Main Story!