【最新更新】 2021/12/28 (Tue) 18:50

Hello, my name is Ryuji Endo, representative of Habbit Co.,Ltd. and the project director for Anothereidos of Dragon Vein R.
Allow me to begin by showing my sincerest gratitude towards your interest in experiencing the world of Anothereidos R.

Since its release, we have received numerous inquiries. We understand that there are many players, as well as many creators who have participated in this project, who have been left terribly anxious about the state of the released product, and for that I wish to take the opportunity to deeply apologize.

As our company’s representative, I believe it is my duty to respond to the situation at hand.

1. Lack of Satisfaction Toward Gameplay

I sincerely apologize for the lackluster state of gameplay. Despite having hyped up expectations for users since our official notice of release in late October and making players wait ever since then, the now released game is still not to the degree where players can adequately enjoy it.

Since our release on December 24th, 2021, our development team has been feverishly trying to address bugs and difficulty concerns brought to our attention as well as complaints of being inattentive. First, we are aiming at fixing the difficulty in the Main Story as well as creating a new version to be released which utilizes much less data in the scenario scenes.

It is our company’s vision and responsibility that players can play the game to their expectations. Not just for tomorrow, we vow to contain striving to resolve any and all areas of discontent to provide a stable and exciting gameplay experience.

2. Regarding Non-Habbit Assets in APK Files

Images that had been temporarily inserted as internal tests were falsely and unnecessarily distributed data to users.
This data does not load in game; however, we sincerely apologize to our players as well as to the players of those other beloved titles by their respective creators for the discomfort this may have caused.

3. Our Next Course of Action

While aiming for the obvious fixes necessary to insure proper gameplay as stated in in 1.,  it is our continued goal to expand content on the concept of “being able to DO anyone!”

More specifically, we are planning a limited time event for the month of January.

In addition to expanding adult content, we wish to demonstrate to players concrete results as well as an outlook on future developments of how the story will unfold and provide context for the eros found in every scenario.

With this event in January, we hope to meet everyone’s expectations as a highly rated event.

That being said, we will continue putting our all into this project and we hope you look forward to what’s to come!