Patch Notes (Ver.2.4.9 5/26/2023)

【最新更新】 2023/05/26 (Fri) 18:49

We have confirmed a bug where “【Stellar Bridegroom】Lucifer’s” skill effect time does not increase even when the correct conditions are met. This will be fixed in the next update.

■■■New Elements■■■


  • Quests have been added to the event “Come, All You Grooms-to-Be! Till Death do us Party”!
    • Quests beyond WB-11 “★A Kiss under Oath” will be implemented in future updates!

<New Units>

  • “【Stellar Bridegroom】Lucifer,” “【Weaver of Fate】Baran,” and “Gamela” have been added!


  • A new pickup event entitled, “Come Get Your Megaton of Love!” has begun.

<The Shop>

  • A new product “Bachelor’s Invitation Set B” has been added.
    • This will be available until July 7, 2023.


  • Some enemy animations have been updated.

<Interaction Screen>

  • Added “Bantu Still#01”.
  • Added “Kafka Still#03”.
    • “Kafka Still #03” can be unlocked by possessing “【Desire for Thy Guardian】Kafka” and increasing his Intimacy to 100.
  • Added “Hellion Still#05”.
    • “Hellion Still #05” can be unlocked by possessing “【Covetous Knight】Hellion” and increasing his Intimacy to 100.

■■■Bug Fixes / Changes■■■


  • Fixed a bug where “Dion” would be unable to block some aerial enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where certain transforming units did not carry over previously-applied buffs and debuffs after using their transformation skill.

■■■Regarding Known Bugs■■■

  • As for character “Bond” values, we are still planning to consolidate this into a sum figure for characters with the same name.
  • Unable to obtain content (remains under revision).
    • If you are experiencing this issue, we ask that you clear your cache then reboot.
  • Update does not proceed from “Preparing Install…” when attempting to update APK files from HabbitLauncher.
  • A bug has been confirmed when updating the Habbit Launcher where the update cannot be successfully performed by selecting the URL on the pop-up screen. The update can also be accessed from the following URL. The User ID and password saved in the previous launcher version will be carried over when updating.