Patch Notes (Ver.2.1.2 8/26/2022)

【最新更新】 2022/08/26 (Fri) 18:08

The pick-up scouting event “No way I’m taking part in erotic wrestling!!” and its item “Erotic Wrestling Poster” will no longer be available as of Fri. 9/2 (JST).

■■■New Elements■■■

<Main Story>

  • New quests have been added to Chapter 3 “Alpha & Omega” of the Main Story!
    • Quests past 3-5 “Bestianoids and Chimaeras III” will be implemented in future updates.
  • The English and Traditional Chinese translations of 3-1 “Endless Mating Season I” have been added.
  • Whenever a player chooses to skip inputting a name for the protagonist in 0-1, a default name is now set automatically.


  • A new quest has been added to the event “Get Fired Up for Erotic Wrestling!


  • The following units may now undergo Adventurer Rank Up: Stallon, Barlitz, Corca, Gordov,  and Bantu.

■■■Bug Fixes■■■


  • Fixed bug in which the title of quest “EW-18” displayed incorrectly.
    “Challenger Bashkar” → “Challenger Rougarou”


  • Fixed bug which caused Pius’ skill to differ from its stated explanation which is as follows:
    • Correct: Stuns 1 enemy within attack range in addition to normal recovery for 0.5 seconds. 
  • Fixed bug which prevented Alec’s nature from functioning as intended.
  • Fixed bug which caused the recovery animation for certain healers to not display correctly.
  • Fixed bug which caused the 4-star clear condition, “Ally Unit DEF Decreased”, for certain stages to not function as intended.
  • Fixed bug which caused the game to get stuck upon deploying with an empty party.
    • “To solve this issue of being unable to battle, the game resets itself in the event the party data has no value. We apologize for the trouble this bug has caused.

■■■Regarding Known Bugs■■■

  • Unable to obtain content (remains under revision).
    • If you are experiencing this issue, we ask that you clear your cache then reboot.
  • Update does not proceed from “Preparing Install…” when attempting to update APK files from HabbitLauncher.
    • It is possible to download the latest game application (client-side) manually from the URL below.