Patch Notes (Ver.1.2.4 4/28/2022)

【最新更新】 2022/04/28 (Thu) 21:33

■■■New Elements■■■


  • Additional scenarios have been added for the current event “Day & Night in Pays Blanc”.
    • “Rook’s Secret” is planned to be added in May 2022.
  • The items “Edgar’s Freebie Ticket”, “Skip Ticket”, “Draco”, and “Exta Rich Staminade” have been added to the pool of event prizes for “Day & Night in Pays Blanc”.
  • The login bonus “10 Day Limited Login Bonus” is in effect from 4/29/22 until 5/8/22 (JST).

<Interaction Quests>

  • The English translation for Billford Still #4 has been added.
    • To view it, you must have first acquired the exchangeable item “Billford’s Secret” and the character in question. 


  • The pick-up scouting event entitled “Azureterra” is now live.




  • The attack range for “Gaia”, “Mummy” and “Large Mummy” has been changed to “2 tiles in front”.
  •  The ability for “Archer Mummy” has been altered as such:
    • Prior: Able to attack long-distance at 80% ATK → Now: “Attacks flying enemies with priority”.
    • The frame rate for pixel art has been adjusted.
  • The item drop rates for the stages for “Gather Materials (RS-3, 7, 11) have been adjusted.

<Home Screen>

  • On the Stamina Recovery Item Selection Screen, Draco Stone Count now appears last in the ordering of which each item appears on that screen.

Character List Screen

  • File Size Reduction
    • To allow the game to function as stable as possible, we continue to improve the data weight the application places on user devices, and measures have been made at this time to lessen that impact.


■■■Bug Fixes■■■


  • Explanations for “Abilities” have been entirely revamped, eliminating vague and/or inconstant wording.
  •  Fixed bugs which prevented the abilities of Obsidonian Imperial Archer” and “Wrecker” from working properly.
  • Fixed bug which prevented the explanation for the abilities of “Goblin Rider”, “Obsidonian Imperial Cavalry”, “Lute”, “Rook”, “Ragnar”, and “Barlitz” from appearing has intended, the ability being: “COST +1 per enemy defeated. Reimburses Deploy COST upon withdrawal”.
  •  Fixed bug which caused an explanation text to display which differed from the actual mechanics for the abilities regarding “Pirate Sorcerer”, “Mage Goblin”, “Archer Mummy”, “Pugi”, “Zacharoff”, Thomas”.
  •  Fixed bug which caused the explanation for Flet’s ability–“Inflicts magic damage on the enemy”–to not display correctly.
  • Fixed bug which caused long-distance attacks by “Large Mummy”, “Gymnos”, and Barboros” to occur at 100% ATK.
  • Fixed bug which caused the COST earned from defeating enemies with “Ragnar”, “Bashkar”, “Rasho”, and “Barlitz” from being incorrect.
  • Fixed bug which caused the skill for “Amorey” to not function as intended.
  • Fixed bug which caused the natures for “Large Mummy” and “Elaine” to not function as intended.
  • Fixed bug which caused the incorrect stage to appear for PE-07 “Sacred Cape Treasure Hunt II” since the update on
  • Fixed bug which allowed duplication of the same unit in party formation on certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug which caused unit attack range info to display differently from screen to screen.

<Interaction Quests>

  • Improved the Traditional Chinese localizations of the still stories for Hanzo and Billford.


■■■Regarding Known Bugs■■■

  • Unable to obtain content (still under revision).
    If you are experiencing this issue, we ask that you clear your cache then reboot.
  • Characters flicker when transferring a gift on the Interaction Screen. 交
  • Update does not proceed from “Preparing Install…” when attempting to update APK files from HabbitLauncher.
    • It is possible to download the latest game application (client-side) manually from the URL below.