Patch Notes (Ver.2.2.6 12/2/2022)

【最新更新】 2022/12/02 (Fri) 19:56

■■■New Elements■■■


  • Hard Quests have been added to the Event “Swimsuit-Only Dress Code! Bright Summer Fest! ~You’re Invited to Rammy Night Parties Hosted by DJ Azmond!~”.


  • A preview of the enemy’s route of advance will now be displayed.
    • The preview will be visible only once during battle.


  • ”Pre-Anniversary Pick-Up! 2” Pick-Up Event is now available!

<Interaction Screen>

  • Added “Gordov Still#1”, “Pugi Still#1”, “Bandit Ballista Still#1”, and “Imperial Soldier Still #1”. (“Imperial Soldier Still #1” is shared between Imperial Soldier, Cavalry, Archer, and Halberdier.)
  • Theodor is now wearing a new swimsuit. (2022/11/25~)
  • The swimsuit outfits in the interaction screen will remain until the next maintenance.

<Home Screen>

  • The option to change the home screen background has been implemented.
    • More backgrounds will be added in future updates.

■■■Bug Fixes / Changes■■■


  • Fixed a bug where the HP gauge for stunned enemies was not changing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Anima’s “Young Tree of Recovery” could not be placed on certain parts of the battlefield.
  • Added details for trap placement limits to the skill descriptions for Bart and Sarutobi.


  • Skip and auto functions will be automatically disabled when options appear in a scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where the game’s volume settings did not affect the scenario’s BGM and sound effects.
  • The number of lines of text has been changed from 2 to 3.

■■■Regarding Known Bugs■■■

    • As for character “Bond” values, we are still planning to consolidate this into a sum figure for characters with the same name.
    • Unable to obtain content (remains under revision).
      • If you are experiencing this issue, we ask that you clear your cache then reboot.
    • Update does not proceed from “Preparing Install…” when attempting to update APK files from HabbitLauncher.
      • It is possible to download the latest game application (client-side) manually from the URL below.