Welcome to The Adventurers’ Guild!

【最新更新】 2021/11/16 (Tue) 05:17

Welcome to The Adventurers’ Guild!

Looks like I’m not cut out to do this by myself……

What’s wrong, lil’ bro? You seem like you’re struggling.

Actually, bro, there’s a request I have that I can’t seem to clear.

You’re going to be searching for a sidekick!? What better place to meet one than ‘The Adventurers’ Guild‘!

W-Well, I’m not really looking for that sort of encounter…….

Anyway, today’s news is about Another Eidos’ Gacha for scouts!

Scout for a Quest Partner!

This here’s Guild Master Edgar! He runs The Adventurers’ Guild.

What’s up, Rai? You here for a quest?

Nah, I was hoping if you’d introduce my late-bloomer bro here someone perfect to lose his virginity to……

Wait, what!? Stop it, I’m serious.

Aren’t we playing hard to get!  You can meet up with anyone here at The Adventurers’ Guild! From royals to outlaws!

I’ve come in search of a quest partner.

I’m looking for someone in between friend and lover!

Have no fear, gents! I handle both kinds of requests!

Aha…… this is erotica, I suppose……


There’s so many adventurer invites…….

Does anyone match your type?

Just don’t refer my brother, will you!

Whoa… my invite has your name on it, bro!!

All GACHA Rates Greater Than 1% in ANOTHER EIDOS PICK-UP!!

Alrighty, this here’s the topic I’m entrusted with for today’s PR info!

That’s amazing! Another Eidos is going to have a guaranteed 1% or greater pick-up appearance rate regardless of rarity!!

Hmm… is 1% high or low……??

Huh!? Oh, that…….


As to be expected lol

But! Let’s get picked up to pound away at scouting!